long sleeve flower jumpsuit

long sleeve flower jumpsuit


Hey cuties, how are you? I still have outfits from Tenerife to post… As I already said, I’ve left lots of things ready so they can publish automatically until I get my computer, working on my laptop is turning out to be really difficult… Any ideas on how to send my computer to London? Let’s change the subject now and talk about the outfit 🙂

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I bought this jumpsuit with this one here (on the same day), but I hadn’t shown it yet. It’s from CHOIES and you can buy it by clicking here! I’ve worn it quite a few times but I’m always in a hurry or I go out when there’s no light left, so I never have time to take the photos. Last week we decided to shoot some of the ones I hadn’t had time to shoot during summer 🙂 It’s very cute and I really wanted to buy it, I think it was a great idea to combine it with brown accessories but it would look as good wearing any of the jumpsuit’s colours 😉 Any comments? kisses and see you tomorrow! 😀

Jumpsuit: CHOIES
Heels: XTI via Fundgrube
Bag: Calvin Klein


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