Living in a boat in Ibiza

Living in a boat in Ibiza

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As you’ll know, I was sailing around Ibiza in August for a week, living in a boat. When I was little I had heard my parents making plans about boat trips, but we had never gone through with them. It’s a completely different experience, fun and 100% recommended. Visiting islands and staying in a hotel is too monotonous! Obviously if you’re on a work trip, then it’s not the best “hotel”… but, for holidays? The best.

The first four nights were disco nights (Amnesia, Pacha, Ushuaia…) and the last three were round the islands. Living in a boat – as this was our home for a week – allows you to go anywhere, with no limitations. You get to know beautiful creeks which you can only visit from the sea. You see wonderful sunrises and sunsets. It’s marvellous. I lived it through Ibiza and Formentera, which are both beautiful. However, you can go to lots of different places; Croatia or Greek Islands, among others. I went on a catamaran (a sailor boat with two keels) it was amazing! I can only say that I slept in my stateroom just for the first night and it was because I didn’t know what I was missing… For the next six nights I slept out – on the nets in the front of the boat! When your living in a boat, even having to clean it is fun hahaha The sky is beautiful and you can see infinite stars, you fall in love. Also, during the day you can feel the wind blowing softly on your face and you can touch the sea with your feet… I, whom adore the sea, can say it’s an indescribable sensation. So, if you’re looking for places to go or to stay in Ibiza or in any island… Don’t think of it twice, I 100% recomendable the boat, and if it’s a sailor boat or a catamaran, even better!

If you don’t know where to search, you can look here, where we rent ours (captain included!)


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