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I have to say I thought it would be much easier to find time for myself and the things I like to do, for example, my blog. But since I started school, time´s flied and my days have been full of work; art, graphics, textiles… (very practical, I know)… and I can’t find time for anything! This week I received a parcel from Tenerife, a box full of (between other things), clothes, my clothes from Tenerife finally with me! Now it´s a bit easier to find outfits to take photos to… hahaha so I hope it’s not that long until next post! Here ou have the photos of today’s though 😉

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I bought these boots two weeks ago in London, and they’re the best thing in the world, I can wear them with basically everything! It’s been a bit warmer this week (more like Tenerife’s winter, and not as it was, as he Arctic winter… hahaha) so I’ve been a bit less covered in chats to school, I wore tights to see how it went and… Surprisingly, I was even hot for a while. This coat is from my mother, she sent it in the box with the green skirt, and I saw it very clear! hahaha do you like it? Kisses and see you on next post 😀

Bag: Parfois
Boots: H&M
Tights: Calzedonia
Skirt: Bershka (here)
Top: Zara


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