Like a Rolling Stone

Like a Rolling Stone

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Happy thursday!!!! How’s your week going? Today we have a very comfortable and simple outfit. I was so impatient to show you this T-shirt I bought in Ibiza last summer, and the trousers, and the oversize jacket, and the bag… everything! hahaha it’s a casual look and a bit of a rocker look (only a little 😛 ). What do you think? Do you like it? Kisses and see you tomorrow!

Jeans: Zara
T-Shirt: Ibiza
Shoes: Converse All Star
Jacket: Zara
Bag: Guess


I'm impatient, lazy and sleepy head. I love changing, routine makes me go mad and I have a fast and crazy lifestyle. I don't know where I'll be tomorrow, just follow me, I promise it will be fun!

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