Letter from the editor

In 2014, just past the 15 years barrier and in full swing of my adolescence, I was a walking hormone box. Like any other misunderstood teenager, I had something to say to the world. I had something to tell. In May 2014, with the help of my mum, I decided to jump into the pool and open my blog, LucesLusía, to be able to turn my hobby into what I love the most in the whole world: talking. All the time. The difference is; by that time, speaking alone was a synonym of being crazy, whilst now, it’s called blogging (which is much more fashion). Many changes must have been made to the way in which I see things so that now, three years later, after writing on this blog for so long, I still have the feeling that I haven’t said anything. How can?

In the last year and a half my life has turned 270 degrees a few times, and I have not yet arrived back to the point from which I left. For those who are reading me for the first time; I am a box full of surprises, you will find out little by little. Right now, canary girl officially established in London for at least another good three years, I have stopped a second to analyze the person I was when I opened this little treasure and the person I am now that I look back; and I do not correspond.

The series of experiences I have lived in the last few years, many thanks to this small therapy corner we commonly call blog, have led me to be a totally different person than I was when I wrote my first post. I suppose there are many other people reading me right now, who will feel identified with me when I say that my three-years-ago-self has nothing to do with my today-self, and I am very proud of it. I have continued growing and moulding myself daily in order to give the world the very best version of myself. So now that I’m at that point where I obviously still have a lot to learn, but where I’m good, and happy, and proud of me and with me… what is it that isn’t working?

With the main objective of always giving my best, and after having given it in many different aspects of my life, I have realized that the person who speaks frequently in my blog, isn’t my eighteen-year-old-self, but continues being my 15 or 16-year-old one. I have the constant feeling that I have grown so much as a person but then virtually, I still want to please everyone with a version of me that isn’t true. When I sat down to think about all the things I liked about me, I didn’t even contemplate the possibility of adding how incredible my eyeliner looks every day or how good I am at combining skirts. Nothing to do with that. So why is this the face I’m showing every time I speak to you?

I, as a woman… I am not just fashion, beauty, diets or gyms. In fact, I have nothing to do with the last two. As a woman, I am fun, I am joy, movies, passion, curiosity, travel, food, music, poetry, art… I am a little bit of everything. I like to listen to El Arrebato, to dance the Sarandonga, to read Elvira Sastre and I love Mexican food. And this is the face I want to give to you.

Women aren’t just fashion. We are a little bit of everything. I hope you enjoy this new stage of rediscovery and illusion in my life as much as I’m enjoying sharing it with you. Feel free to stay for the ride.


Lucía Dévora Violán