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Hellooo happy new year!! As you must have seen on Instagram, I received a gift from Les Collections a few weeks ago. I’m so sorry I hadn’t posted it up yet but I’m a disaster and it has been impossible until today. Les Collections is an online shop which sells accessories. I loved it since I saw it. It’s continuously reminding me of that phrase “less is more” and I like it. They’re simple, elegant and feminine accessories. Discrete. The necklace with the green tear has already become part of me, I always wear it, even when sleeping. The other one hangs a wishbone, which I had been months thinking of buying. It was a surprise when I saw it 🙂 And the bracelet, combines with both and I always wear it, as well. It arrived so beautifully wrapped, I was sad of having to open it! Also, they have very good prices so I guess there’s NO reason for not buying their items! Check their shop here 😉 Kisses and till next post!


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