Lace & blue

Hi girls!

Here we have another outfit from las Saturday, but this time for the night (I had a birthday dinner). In one of my latest posts I mentioned the “Special Prices” section in Zara, fom which I had bought the blue top with the black band; and here we have it! (Promisses are promisses). As I already said, I’m in love with it! Hahaha


I combined it with black lace shorts, as I was a bit tired of the ones I use don the “Chick’s Prom” (Although I only have one post with them, they’re my basic and I use them a lot). I got the shorts from Zara a few years ago, but don’t worry girls, you can still buy them; not in Zara, but in other shops ad D2G, Stradivarius… Lots of shops are bringing them back as they are what we can call another basic always DE MODA. My heels are from Axel (Brand which I love) and they’re from a few summers ago. I was given the clutch for my birthday and it’s from Bershka’s last season (I took advantage of it’s pink color to combine it with my lips) and my hair’s butterfly; I have no idea where it is from, but it’s the same colour as one my heels’ so I thought it would suit nice.

Top: Zara
Shorts: Zara
Clutch: Bershka
Heels: Axel
Bracelet: Monet

Also, girls, I wanted to mention you that I found the top I’m wearing, from Zara, for 4,41€ on Instagram. If it was already on sale, imagine now… hahaha If you look for @lovelybargain on Instagram, you’ll find a post from some days ago with the top’s photo and a link to the web where you’ll find it. It’s from a shop called Aliexpress where, as I’ve seen, you can find things we all look for much cheaper. I haven’t bought anyting yet but I think we can trust, so if ayone tries it, please tell me! Hahaha Okay, so till here today’s post, I hope you liked it! Don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram, Trendtation, Bloglovin, Twitter, Pinterest… All links are on the right column! Hugs for you 🙂


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