La Cesta di Babette

La Cesta di Babette


I think the most important things should remain written in paper. Wether it is a special date, an inspirational moment or even your daily or life diary, yours. I never write my blog’s things in my computer or phone. Maybe someday, any important day I need my things and my computer dies or something, and then I’ll have a little problem. I have a notebook for every thing, though some of them are used for more than one thing. And as I like to write, I write… in paper.


But I like having cute and pretty places where to write and organize myself. I mean, it’s not the same writing in a dirty paper than writing in a pretty diary with flowery pattern. Because it’s not, simple. And I’m very keen on taking my pretty decorated notebooks, and in them, I feel I’m writing better.


So when I was recommended La Cesta di Babette, I couldn’t think of it twice. All their designs are beautiful, either for scraps, parties, presents, offices… there are so many things! Their products are 100% organic so don’t worry about the trees 😀 There are items for lots of different things, I couldn’t like this diary more than I do! I can organize my monthly plan (I was desperate on finding one which let me) and it has a beautiful design. It even comes with a bag where to keep it safe, so pretty too! It lasts until 2016 😉

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The stickers and WashiTape are a plus which turn out perfect for those gifts I always make to my friends, as well as Mother’s Day (don’t say anything! hahaha) Definitely, La Cesta di Babette… couldn’t be better! Click here to buy! 😀

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See you on next post, don’t forget to check out La Cesta Di Babette!

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