la case de cousin paul

Many of you may already know about IKEA’s Christmas-tree type wreaths which always appear on WeHeartIt, Tumblr, etc. Well, while I was walking the other day throgh the Gotic District in Barcelona (It sounds great! Hahaha) I came across this store. It’s name is La case de Cousin Paul, and what do they do? They personalize those wreaths which you like so much. I wanted to enter as I saw it because let’s face it, it’s a beautiful store. And it was not till I looked to my right and saw all those examples of combinations hanging that I realized that what was inside the tubes where little colored balls to customize the garlands! I found it a very original idea, I had never seen any store reffered to this and I loved it. It’s the first store I see so I’m not sure if there are much more around… Although if you’re not looking for anything in concrete, you can always find them in IKEA, where they also sell them.

Kisses and till next post!


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