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Definitely one of the best investments you can make in the summer is in a water camera. I entered this world of the GoPro about a year and a half ago and although there are many other models that do this job well, the most convincing to me is this. Yes, in value there are many better placed. I talk of this because it is basically the one I know. It is a practic, comfortable (my two favorite words!) camera and easy to handle because it has only three buttons: 1-take a picture; 2-change mode and 3- enable Wi-Fi (it has Wi-Fi!). This means that while I take pictures, if I install the application on my Gopro smartphone and connect both between each other, I can see everything my camera sees, as the screen of my camera, etc… Well, there are accessories like this to see the photos (they don’t really see well) but it’s basically better to buy a Wi-Fi one. Aaaand you can download the photos directly to your mobile. I started buying the GoPro because at first I wanted to record videos and this one has the best quality, but because I “abandoned” this world, now it is perfect for taking pictures underwater, and very good ones! If you’re considering purchasing a water camera, I recommend (because it is one of the few I’ve tried) this ond, I think the price is worth it … but it is excessive for anyone. So you can buy this version of Decathlon which is also very good (though it sells the waterproof case apart). Denver and Nilox also sell similar cameras, so you can take a look at this ones too. I hope it helped you!

swimwear: oysho
swimwear: oysho

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