How to make a 6€ jumpsuit fashion-week-approved

How to make a 6€ jumpsuit fashion-week-approved

I don’t think it even got to 6€. I bought this jumpsuit in Christmas, just before coming back home, with the firm intention of wearing it for New Year’s Eve. But the thing is, it looks kind of weird without a belt (or maybe it’s me that just adds a belt to everything), and as I didn’t find one I liked before the time, I just left it in “the fridge”. That’s what my mum calls that place where you can find all the Facebook requests you never accept, neither delete. The fridge.

And well, you can imagine how stressed I was when I thought oh my God Lucía, your attending Tenerife Moda’s fashion shows and you have nothing to wear. Teenage problems… hahaha just kidding, my problems rarely have anything to do with this, and lots of times, brands like Roselinde give me a solution to them.

I’ve known Ros (who’s behind  Roselinde Accessories) for a long time now, almost since I started my blog, and when she sent me a message and asked me if I would like to wear some of her accessories for the shows, I obviously couldn’t say no. And well, when she then said she had a super colorful sash and I remembered I had this black jumpsuit… It was what we English people (I’m almost one) call… A match made in heaven. “Aparcao“, in Spanish hahaha.

She forgot to mention that the sash had some shoulder pads which went with it, and when I saw them, I just had to wear them too. I like it, so much, because it gives my outfit lots of charisma and I think it makes the whole look speak for itself. I already showed you on the latest outfit I uploaded some other things from Roselinde, but whilst those where quite discrete… this is just a boom, definitely.


Jumpsuit: Primark | Heels: Stradivarius | Bag: Furla | Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo | Accessories: Roselinde

Please tell me if you’ve ever seen a sash as beautiful as this one, cause I don0t think so. I absolutely doubt it, to be honest. I’ve left some links to jumpsuits like this one, really similar and obviously, for no more than 10€ cause you can’t transform a cheap jumpsuit if it’s not cheap on the first place! 😉 Also, as I said on my  latest post with Roselinde, their new collection will be available on their online store in a few weeks and you’ll be able to buy these things and looooads more. You can wear this not only with a jumpsuit, but even with jeans and a shirt, it just transforms your whole outfit! Apart from this, I haven’t got much left to say (yet). Hope you have a lovely Easter, lots an lots of kisses! I love u.

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