How much do you know about the Sun?

How much do you know about the Sun?

Yes, it is soooo god to lie by the pool or on the beach sunbathing, strolling by the sea in bikini, but remember … the sun can harm you.

In the past 15 years, melanoma has increased by 1.2% and additionally increases more in women than men. Does this mean you should forget about sunbathing? Not at all! The key is knowledge, balance, caution and especially suncream. In addition, the sun isn’t only disadvantages, indeed, it has many benefits!

1.1. It gives you a shot of vitamin D, which keeps your bones strong and protect your organs.

2. It strengthens your immune system and prepares your body to infection, so it costs them a lot to get to your body. It is more than important to support your defenses.

3. It eliminates acne! Yes, it eliminates and prevents. It reduces sebum production in the skin thus leaving out the hateful grains, but beware! Hydrate well and always remember that hydration is not fat.

4. It has such a good sedative effect that it will leave you sleeping like a log and you will feel in the clouds! Yes, if you are not on vacation I do not suggest it or you’ll be late and a bit buzzed for your activities! In addition, the sun also calms anxiety.

5. It reduces back an muscle pains because it has an analgesic effect. Forget the pills, this is good, pretty and cheap! GPC girls! Hahaha

6. It Gives you an increasementttt of encouragement because it increases the production of a thing called “serotorina” which happens to be an antidepressant, so it antidepresses you by much until the depression is level 0!

Sun is the best antidepressive!

But always keep in mind …

Solar radiations are more dangerous and pervasive than you think … Some go through your clothes, are greater on cloudy days as you don’t really feel them and if you’re in the water … they act as a magnifying glass and burn much much more!

Its effects accumulate year after year and never leave you alone; if you bring in the sun like crazy since childhood, the damage can be very serious! Imagine such a beastly build!

If you tan very fast and you burn, you increase the risk of skin cancer. If instead, you tan gradually and using protection, it’s good. What will you do next time?

Being tanned does not protect you, even if they are already in your skin tone 10 (on a scale of 1 to 10) and think you cannot burn, yes you can!

There’s also Sun on the street… You won’t get rid of it son easily. My advice: take suncream everywhere, never leave it home (unless it is night, then I doubt that you burn, but you never know haha)

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