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Some Spanish children dream of visiting Madrid… others want to visit Barcelona… others would like to go to Chicago… and some wish to visit Memphis… but this special boy… only dreams of visiting Boston. To continue playing, dreaming… living.

I thought it would be important to dedicate one of my 12 days to Eidher. Eidher is a 5 year old boy from Tenerife. He suffers a strange disease, unique in the world. His birth is an inexplicable fact for science, the genetic alteration he suffers from is “incompatible with life”. His parents have the hope of treating him in Boston, as the diagnoses and explanations they’ve been given here have been false and mistaken, his disease doesn’t correspond with anything. But it’s not simple to travel so far and it supposes a big economic expenditure. That’s why his parents have created the Eidher Foundation; it is a work of information, research, collaboration and fundraising for Eidher and all children with similar diseases, “Eidher’s Friends”. You can read more about Eidher and donate funds for his foundation here.

Eidher needs your help. A child’s life is too pretty and there’s so much to do, no child should spend it in hospitals. Your help, as big as it can be, is needed. If we all put our little piece, we’ll achieve the goal and Eidher and his friends will be able to have a normal life without all these complications that diseases and wrong results are giving them, day by day. Help Eidher.


I'm impatient, lazy and sleepy head. I love changing, routine makes me go mad and I have a fast and crazy lifestyle. I don't know where I'll be tomorrow, just follow me, I promise it will be fun!


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