Handmade black dress

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Remember the post where I spoke to you about Marco&María‘s dress? I mentioned another dress I’d thought of first but I hadn’t worn… So here we have it! When I ordered it I didn’t like it that much (surely because I wanted to wear Marco&María’s one) but every time I wear it I like it more; it was handmade by my dressmaker, Isabel. I wore it last Christmas and I can’t wait to have any event to wear it again! I love dresses with flight and this one was made just how I wanted so it reflects my style 100%. I combined it with these Axel heels which with I can say you can’t stand up more than 40 minutes… And this headdress combines with the belt to give it a more personal touch. Do you like it?

Dress: Handmade by Isabel
Heels: Axel
Hair accessory: Santa Cruz local store

Kisses and see you on next post!


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