Get your “bae watch” lifeguard swimsui...

Get your “bae watch” lifeguard swimsuits on: summer vibes are here!

So, it turns out I’m having a look at Pinterest any morning, and there it is, the lifeguard swimsuit. I go shopping with my mum looping for a pair of black jeans (that’s how boring my life can get when it’s pre-backtoroutine time) and there it is again, the lifeguard swimsuit on every single store. And that’s not all, I decide to read some magazines while I’m on the plane back to London and oh hey, I see it on three of the four magazines I read, again! Red, with big white letters in the same typography I use for my videos (this detail makes it obviously super chic 🤔), and a huge BAE WATCH right in the middle.

So yes, I’ve had to look for it on every single form and colour I possibly could and post it here for you, so you don’t have to move a feet out of your house, neither argue for sizes… To help you combine it whether you are or aren’t at the beach and, on top of all, to ask you for help! I’ve been thinking about it a few hours now, and I honestly don’t know if I want it in red, black, or… have you seen the yellow one? Oh my god, I need it now!

Note: I’ve left the online-available ones, good quality swimsuits that are (kind of) different in some way… If you go to Primark you’re going to find the same one and it’s going to be cheaper, yes, but at least I try to give you all the ones that are at least a little bit better (always!), which is the really good part about my posts 💃🏽 hahaha

I hope I’ve helped you, and in case you haven’t noticed… there aren’t just swimsuits in the selection, I’ve added some other beach stuff you will possibly need these days… Summer vibes are finally here!!! hahaha Kisses and see you on next post! I love u❤️.

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