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Hey cuties!! How are you? There was no post yesterday cause I actually had no time to prepare anything, I’ve started working this week and I was sooooo so tired I honestly couldn’t stop to write anything. Sorry!!! Anyway, going to work gave me an idea for today’s post: we’re buying platform bluchers!!


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To be honest, I really wanted a pair of shoes like these ones, I had seen some similar ones with laces but I hadn’t really had any time to buy them. When I got a message from my manager the other day asking me to wear smart those, I realized I didn’t have even a pair of them. So I went to Zara and I found the perfect shoe for this winter, both for working and going out during night or day.

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The thing I like the most about this shoe is that it’s a man’s shoe adapted and turned into a woman’s one, something we’ve been seeing for some time now (starting with Coco Chanel’s trousers), and that it’s a style we’ll keep on seeing everywhere and more and more every time. Plus, they’re super super comfy and ideal for working hahaha it’s a very versatile shoe which you can wear with both formal and informal outfits and in such a basic color as black, I’ll wear them for a very very long time. As always, here you have more photos and examples 😀 kisses and see you next week! xx

My bluchers: Zara


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