Get the look: Haute Couture day 1

Get the look: Haute Couture day 1


Hi girls! How’s that going? It’s nearly Friday!! Lately I’ve been checking magazines and comparing them to affordable shops… I mean you see those amazing garments from famous designers and then you go to the mall and actually there’s that piece very similar and best of all, very cheap!! So you can easily get the look for very little… I’ve opened a new section on the blog: GET THE LOOK just to find those outfits and let you know how to get them! If there’s any outfit you’d like to find cheaper and you really NEED it then you can e-mail me to, or tag me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… I’ll find it! (at least I’ll try haha). Do you like the idea? Here we go with the first get the look, seen on the Paris Haute Couture Week’s first day 😉 click on the photos to buy!
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All items from Zara



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