Get the look: copy & paste!

Get the look: copy & paste!


Today we have another type of get the look post: you won’t get a look, you’ll get all those amazing garments of the season from top designers for very little! How to get those Saint Laurent shoes for a Zara price? Continue reading to see those omg prices!


Saint Laurent vs Zara

Two exactly the same, they’re twin brothers! Those Zara blutchers are already out of stock on the web, so if you see them in stores run and buy them!!


Bottega Veneta (355€) vs Zara (13€)


Céline (2500€) vs Mango (30€)


Céline maxi (1300€) vs Zara mini (36€)

I don’t know which of these I like the most, they’re so cute! But with no doubt this season’s hit will be mini handbags, so Zara’s one would be a better invest.


Michael Kors (795$) vs Zara (26€)


Chanel vs Zara (70€)

So it’s very easy to find famous designers’ things but very very very cheap. You just have to look for them or find them directly reading my blog! hahaha I’m sorry for writing so little but I’m having exams and it’s impossible for me to write any more! Hope you liked today’s post, kisses and till next one! 🙂


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