Get it: the slip dress


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I’m sooooo tired!! I’ve been working the whole week in a store and now I really know how hard it is for someone to work for so long… I guess 35 hours are way too much for me right now… hahaha I’m starting uni next week and I’ll be even more tired, oh my God hahaha but fortunately I’m an organized girl and you’re not gonna get rid of me that easy 😛 Here I am today for another post, just like every Friday (is it honestly Friday again, so fast??): the slip dress.

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Yes, it’s that dress everyone wears in a weird way with a T-shirt underneath lately. I’m not really into this fashion yet, I probably will after seeing 134576545 girls wearing it, but hey, I’ve seen worst things round the corner and life goes on… hahah I quite like the effect it has, but you can always wear it without the T-shirt which looks pretty sweet -and sexy- 😉


imagen via Pinterest

It’s obviously a very versatile garment which you can wear both during winter or summer, I already have my earnings ready until I find the perfect one for me, which has been a pretty easy thing to find after writing this post hahah As always, you have my favorite ones down here and looooooads more waiting for you! 😀


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