Get it: the pleated shiny skirt

Get it: the pleated shiny skirt


Here we are, another Friday. I hope your week has gone quick and that it’s been amazing, making the most of these last days of summer, this month that’s so… so… August, we love you. Summer is nearly gone and all the shops are opening with no sales and lots of black clothes. Wait, and lots of shiny garments and accessories! The best part of this season is the fact that everything shines: sequins, glitter, metallics… I love these, I’ve said id lots of times, but this Winter, there’s lots and lots more coming. And that’s what we’re buying today; ladies and gentleman: the pleated shiny skirt.

image via hola!


images via Vogue Spain

Once we’ve seen this, I can only say that this is the garment we should all be looking for, NOW. I know it’s something you look at and you can’t really visualize how many times you’re gonna wear it, and you might thing you probably won’t even wear it that much… but trust me, the day you wear this skirt, everyone will look at you (in a good way). And if you do it right, yes, you will wear it lots of times with different styles, for the whole winter, and, probably, for next Summer too (I’m pretty sure they’ll continue being super cool). Here you have some to look at, so you can choose the best one 😉 Lots of kisses and see you on next post! Have a lovely weekend xx


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