Get it: the bomber


Helloooo and happy FriYAY! Let’s start the weekend 😉 I’ve decided that form now on, every Friday post will be about shopping trends, like the one I did some weeks ago talking about the pompom sandals we’ve seen so much this summer, did any of you buy them? Well, so every Friday from now on I’ll post up some garment and lots of shops and links to buy them at the best price. Today I’m gonna talk about another accessory we’ve seen a lot since last christmas, and that’s here to stay: the bomber

image via Collage Vintage

f810d1f219daaf4e3f111b0fc8c7e84b image via Mi Armario en Ruinas

24544528534_d768536edd_o image via My Showroom

And once we’ve seen this and we’ve understood that no, this trend is not stopping here and yes, we’re all gonna have a bomber by the end of this year (myself included), let’s continue with the post where I’ll show where to buy the best ones, the most beautiful ones and of course, the cheapest ones 😉 slide and buy! Any concrete thing you want me to find next week? haha Kisses and have a lovely weekend!


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