Frills: you either love them, or hate them.

Frills: you either love them, or hate them.

Frills: you either love them, or hate them. I’m part of the first group 🙂

I already mentioned it in one (or some) posts I’ve already uploaded, but in case it wasn’t clear enough: I love frills. And I’ll keep on reminding you, just so you know. I love the way in which the fabrics move, everything that’s bumpy, pleated, flared… And the fact that every single brand is selling loads of items with them makes me go crazy in love, I’ve been amused with all the shops’ mannequins… However, although I absolutely love them, there are people who just hate them and can’t stand them. And it’s equally respectable! Today I’ll show you different ways of wearing them, ideas and tips so you can make the best out of your clothes. And lots of shopping, obviously!

We see them in tops, swimwear, shorts, dresses… they are a plus of sweetness on these and it gives some femininity to any outfit. Garments like these are the typical ones which don’t need anything else with them, no accessories. They just take all the eyes 🙂 Here you have some tips on how to combine them which you would’ve loved had appeared on any of the magazines you buy, or at least wish you could’ve bought that last magazine last summer on time… how to make the most of your frilled garments; with outfits for everyone ands pieces you’re gonna love ❤️ so keep on reading!

The little black dress

Priscila, from MyShowroom has always been one of my favorite bloggers or even my most favorite one. I was luck enough to meet her a few years ago (she’s very nice) and every time I need some inspiration on what to wear for an event or whenever I have a piece I don’t know what to wear it with yet… I visit her blog the first thing! This is one of the outfits I like the most, it’s a pregnancy style outfit but I’m pretty sure I could wear it myself too haha, and it0’s a mainstream one: the little black dress everyone should have in their wardrobes. The frills on the dress and that beautiful neckline makes it a bit more special, plus, this is also an idea on how to make a little black dress not look boring! Jewelry belt and you’re ready!


The soil-tone playsuit
Another blogger I love, Sara, from Collage Vintage, always wears a slightly more boho style – with lots of soil tones in her outfits. And everything she wears looks always amazing too. I really like this jumpsuit in the first place, because for those who don’t know me yet, I’m obsessed with jumpsuits. Like literally obsessed, I’m pretty sure this can be recognized as some kind of mental health issue which probably has a name, so if any of you know what it’s called, then please tell me haha. It’s a different frilled idea, I haven’t seen many playsuits like this one until today (and I’ve actually found quite a few), but I really like the colour, especially when you’re tanned 🙂 And well, the best way of making this jumpsuit look amazing would be wearing some soil-colour accessories and lots of gold ones too, if you want to 😜


The frilled top
And here’s another one of my favorites! Looks like that’s all I’m talking about today haha Paula Ordovás, from My Peeptoes, another one I admire so much❤️. She’s wearing a sweater top in a casual outfit. You know I’m really bad at these names, and if not, well you do know now. I’m a disaster. I don’t know if you remember my famous “jumper top or whatever it’s called” hahaha. The thing is, not only this top is beautiful but it’s also a basic garment, and it can look amazing with lots of different things. When combining it with another colour as pink, we take away all the volume the sleeves have, also taking in notice the pair of basic jeans on the bottom. And obviously, here you have lots of tops to buy! 😊
I don’t want to spend my whole life talking and you don’t want to spend your whole life reading, so this is where my post from today ends 🙂 I don’t know if you’ve already bought your frilled garments or whether you’ll ever buy them, but if you haven’t yet… then go for it! Here you have another lot of lovely ideas and pieces (featuring frills, obvs.) just in case the ones I’ve just shown above don0’t quite suit your style. And they’re all beautiful 😍 Kisses and see you on next post! I love u❤️.

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