First 5 of 10 essentials for this Fall-Winter

First 5 of 10 essentials for this Fall-Winter


Hello and good morning! Today I’m finally writing again on my blog, I was so excited! Winter is nearly here, new clothes, new vibes… You can already feel it here in the UK (since September actually hahaha) and I love it. So to start this Winter perfectly and be prepared for any occasion, today I’ll talk about 10 garments that HAVE to be in your closet! Ready? Here we go!

1: Denim skirt


Chiara Ferragni has worn it to the beach, events, on her everyday, to fashion weeks… I already said here it’s a very versatile garment so if you haven’t bought it yet, come on! I promise you’ll wear it. Also, it’s a garment you can wear in both Winter and Summer, so if you don’t wear it this season, don’t worry, you’ll already have it for next one 😉

Captura de pantalla 2015-11-08 a las 21.21.09


2: Bell-bottoms and sleeves


Another garment from the 70s that we need… you need to be a bit more brave for this one! Either on pants, dresses or blouses… Wherever an arm or a leg comes out, there we have this bell style. I personally love dresses and blouses like this, I’ve always liked them, I enjoy the feeling when you move your arms and it moves with you, so smooth… The sensation is really different to the one you have when you’re wearing other tops. I’ll surely buy one of these, I won’t have to think of it twice! Photo of Priscila from MyShowroom.

Captura de pantalla 2015-11-08 a las 21.34.37


3: cuissard boots


This is something I already have in my list and that for no reason won’t be in my closet this Winter. A good pair of high boots, with a bit of heel (if it’s a wide heel, then it’s better) at that go perfect with anything. I would buy a pair of black ones, just like Sara from Collage Vintagebut they’re obviously in other colours too and they’re as pretty as these or even more.

Captura de pantalla 2015-11-08 a las 21.42.12


4: Cape


Paula from MyPeeptoes wore it with her belly-bottom and she got a wonderful look! Capes are garments which we already saw last winter (I wore mine here) and that we’ll continue seeing this winter. If you weren’t lucky last year, then now is the moment to buy one!

Captura de pantalla 2015-11-08 a las 21.47.58


5: Culottes


That’s it, culottes. On jumpsuits and pants, everywhere. In my opinion this is a garment that always suits perfectly, culottes stylize the body so much and I love it. If I already liked them, now that I see them everywhere, I won’t be able to live without them. Photo of Anabelle from VivaLuxury.

Captura de pantalla 2015-11-08 a las 22.01.55


There wouldn’t be enough space for all 10 garments on the same post, that’s why I decided to divide it in two. We’ll have the other 5 on Wednesday 🙂 Kisses and see you on next post! Have a wonderful week.


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