Finish your Prom look: shoes and bags for less tha...

Finish your Prom look: shoes and bags for less than £40.

A week and a bit ago I uploaded a post showing some ideas for events these dates: particularly, prom. Due to this, some of you messaged me saying you had found dresses or jumpsuits you really liked but in plain colours, or even just black, and you didn’t really know what to wear with it so it didn’t look like a mainstream outfit. Well, I have a few solutions for this; I usually just wear red lips… but I’m here to talk about some others today 😜

For those who don’t know much about me yet, I study fashion design, so I can work in the future as a fashion shoes and bags designer. I think they are the two most important accessories on any woman’s look, for two simple reasons: we start dressing ourselves from our feet, we live on our feet and what keeps up standing up are basically these. If you don’t like your shoes or you’re not comfortable, you’re not gonna be able to feel beautiful, nor powerful, nor confident, nor nothing. They’re a point of confidence, so they’re the most important. And in second place, bags, because it’s where we save what we are. Not literally, obviously, but it’s where at least I carry my phone, my money and my mandatory lipstick every time I go out. They’re the accessory that completes the outfit.

So if you’re not an accessory lover, either necklaces, bracelets or earrings, or whatever… just like me, as I’m pretty much anti- all of this, then just know that shoes and bags are also accessories. And they’re the only thing you need to make your Prom outfit deserve an A* 😊.

The shoes

I’ve divided these in a ver simple way: if you’re wearing any colour, then you’ll probably want black shoes. You can always wear coloured ones, obviously, and I would love that! But generally, that’s probably what you’re looking for. So I’ve made it easy for everyone: here you have the black shoes

… and if on the other hand, you’re wearing black, unless you’re gonna go to the party wearing tons and tons of colour bracelets, you’re gonna want your heels in any other colour but black. I suggest you choose a colour that really stands out, though anything stands out with black, right? My favorite is Klein blue (and b*tchy red! hahaha). Here you have all the colourful heels so you can give that outfit a touch of fun 😘 
The bag
I’ve used the same logic to divide these, though you always have a bit more of “imagination space” when it comes to bags… 🤔 let’s start with black bags, those everybody looks for:


I’ve also selected plain bags for those who tend to wear basic bags, so they can then add lots of other accessories (mainly jewelry). In that case, matt plain bags could be a good match for these outfits:

Aaaand last but not least, my favourites! I don’t really risk much when it comes to dressing up, talking about jewelry, shoes or my dress’ print… I tend to go for the sure stuff, but just cause my style is pretty much just like that, simple and comfortable; it just matches my personality. However, when it comes to choosing a bag… oh my god, I go crazy! I always give my outfits the final touch with this. I love bags with personality, those I call bags for non-boring people: here you have some examples of some beautiful ones!

And till here today’s post! As always, I hope I’ve helped you and that you love me a little bit more than yesterday… and a little bit less than tomorrow 😄 There’s not much left for prom and I wish you the best of luck finding your perfect outfits, you’re all gonna look beautiful 😍 Lots of kisses and see you on next post, I love u❤️.

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