Finca Wapa

Okeeeeey, so as you’ll know, I was on holidays at El Hierro last week. So you can make an idea, El Hierro counts with a bit more than 10.000 inhabitants (Los Realejos has 4 times more) therefore there are not too many hotels round the area. As I went with my grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc. and we wanted to stay all together, we decided to go to Finca Wapa (the name was the best hahaha). Finca wapa is a land which counts with 6 little houses all with their bathroom, bedrooms, (some with kitchen), etc. We hardly spent any time there as we were all day going around the island, but the treat, the cleanness and the tranquility was really good… They have a barbecue and a canary games zone also. As you will have seen in my last posts (El Hierro – Day 2 and In & through flowers) where I used some of the places of Finca Wapa as my scenery, it’s a beautiful place and much fun if you go with your family, we spent a lovely time. If you go to El Hierro, I recommend it before an hotel, just to live the experience as it’s something completely different to what we’re used to.


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