Film: 8 Basque surnames

Film: 8 Basque surnames

You must be the only one who hasn’t fallen off your seat while watching it. This Spanish film, in which appear Carmen Machi and Clara Lago between other Spanish actors and actresses, has been the most blockbuster ever. Here you have a small summary…

It is about a Basque girl (Clara) whose boyfriend leaves just before the wedding, so here friends take her to Sevilla. There, she meets a Sevillan boy who falls in love with here. She leaves her handbag in his house and he, guided by her DNI, her mobile phone and other objects in her handbag, travels to Euskadi to meet her. There, she asks him to pretend to be her Basque boyfriend… and that’s all I can tell! Just imagine a Sevillan boy pretending to be Basque and go and watch it, I couldn’t stop laughing!


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