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Instagram Template x Rodilla

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Instagram Template x Rodilla

Lucía Dévora

Rodilla is a Spanish fast food franchise specializing in sandwiches. It was founded in 1939 from a local business in the Plaza del Callao and in the 1990s began its expansion to other Spanish cities. Since 2012 it is part of the Damm Group.

I got noticed by them after people started sharing my Instagram story templates. They asked me to design a custom templates for their brand, where people could choose which sandwiches were the ones they liked the most from the company. We left some gaps on the bottom row so that people could write about their favorites instead of just marking the ones they liked, giving opinions on:

  • Their favorite sandwich
  • One they’d like to try
  • One they would never try
  • One that sounded cool to them
  • One they would recommend to their followers

This template allowed Rodilla to gain more exposure, to have direct contact with their consumers and gain insights on which products were the ones they liked the most, the ones they didn’t as much and the ones that sounded interesting to them. The template was created using my already patented design format.






30 marzo, 2018