Eat in Vitoria: dinner and drinks

Fore those who already know it, I spent a weekend in Vitoria a month ago, where I attended the ACB Basketball Cup. For those who don’t know it cause they didn’t watch my video, you can watch it here. I would be lying if I said I didn’t fall in love with each and every single one of its corners; not only for the ambience we could breathe there between so many basket lovers (group in which I include myself), but also because the historic streets are like an art piece.

I spent there a few less days than my parents as I had lessons and submissions, and one has to cope with her responsibilities before partying; but I’m gonna tell you something, I went there with the intention of spending the whole weekend eating and enjoying it, and so I did. You know that after talking, eating is the thing I like the most in the world, and I had time to regret it when I came back to London!

We ate in lots of places, but if I could highlight two places where to spend a good night in Vitoria, I’d say they are the ones I’m showing you today. Before talking about this, we have to understand that people from the North aren’t like people from the Center or South, and going out for dinner on a day that isn’t Saturday or Sunday, and on top of this, later than usual, as we Canary people love to do… it’s kind of difficult. And also, that 95% of my camera’s memory was taken by videos and by the time I realized there wasn’t hardly any space left for other things. I’ll leave better prepared next time, for sure.

However, a restaurant that did have a Spanish timetable and also delicious food was the Garúa. It’s an Argentinian restaurant where we received an excellent treat. As I already mentioned, I had a small problem with my card memory and as I also forget about everything when I’m eating, well… U forgot to take any photos until we got to the desserts. Nevertheless, my memory (my own one) still works well and there are a few dishes I can recommend which were delicious and in two words, in-credible.

We went with some friends and we all asked for Argentinian empanadillas for starters, I tried both the chicken and the veal one, and they were both really tasty. We then asked for a mixed salad and a salad with tomato, mozzarella, basil and balsamic reduction. I like everything that sounds complicated, and the second one was the one I liked the most. As a main, we all shared a tximitxurri roast with eggplant and potatoes, and I can only say we had to ask for another one cause it was delicious! These are definitely my recommendations.

And at last, for desserts… We just wanted to try them all so we went for it and so we did! The coolant and the crepe where both incredible, but if you’re just like me and too sweet is just too much, then go for the crepe ;).

One last recommendation: Now I am officially over 18, I have started drinking wine, cause at some point I would’ve had to like it anyways. I’m more of a white wine, I do like this one, and it’s the one I drank that night. Great fail to be honest, my one was really good, but my parents drank a red wine that simply amazing. It was a kind of wine that gets better as it gets some fresh air, it was normal when we opened it, but after a few minutes it was just incredible, it was as if someone had changed it for another one! I can’t remember the name but if you ever go to Garúa, they’ll be able to tell you 🙂

Garúa Resto&Wine | Angulema 11, Vitoria, Spain | Tel. +34 945 19 81 02 | Facebook here

And after the dinner, her came the drinks. If you watched my video (here you have it, again), you must have seen there was a bar where there were loads of people singing and dancing out in the street, el ocho. It’s the official restaurant, let’s call it like that, just like Hannen from Puerto de la Cruz, but in Vitoria.

However, if what you’re looking for is a good drink that is served with care, then I would totally recommend Burdina Pub. Waiters don’t care how many people are waiting for a drink, not because of that they’re gonna go faster or take all the time they need to make the best drink you’ve ever had. It’s amazing even just watching it, and you’re going to enjoy your drink twice as much!

And till here my recommendations for Vitoria-Gasteiz (for now), I promise I’ll come back and I’ll show you lots of more things! I pray for another ACB Cup to take place in Vitoria soon 😉 Kisses and see you on next post!


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