DIY – tassel necklaces

The first time we passed through Ibiza’s port this summer, my friend Paula and I saw some tassel necklaces we loved, in one of these stores that are lost between the streets. We spent the next two days looking for them but it was not until the last day we saw again the street and with it, the store were the necklaces were. And of course, nothing could stop be but the price, which always annoys everything! I would not pay 30 € for them! and they were some of the cheapest we could find … So I said Lucia, this is easy to do, keep it simple! And here I am explaining how I made them hahaha I’m going to show two designs (one for those who have chains and the other for those who haven’t), both need tassels, obviously, but they have some differences…

Number 1

I don’t think I need to explain this one! I took this chain from and old and broken necklace from Stradivarius and I tied the tassel to the end of it as you can see in the photo, and it looked good.

Number 2

This one has a process a a bit more complicated… Take measures of the string so it has the length you want, and pass the tassel through the string. Take the cristal ball and pass both string ends through it ad in the photo, then make a knot. Make another knot with the strings ends to finish the necklace and… done!

I bought all the things in the shop “El Taller” but you can buy it in any haberdashery… I hope you liked it! Kisses and till next post 🙂


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