Destination: Isla de Lobos


Hellooooo!! It’s been a long time! How are you doing? If you’ve been checking my Instagram lately, you’ve seen I haven’t stopped, I’ve been having a lovely time!! I’ve finally finished visiting ALL the Canary Islands, there where two little islands which I hadn’t been to yet 🙁 They were La Graciosa and Isla de Lobos. Now I have finally visited them, and I liked this second one so much I had to share it 😀


Yes, there’s a intruder in my photos hahaha Let’s continue with today’s post. The only way you can get to Isla de Lobos is by boat. It can either be on the port’s ferry or in the Water Taxi. If you’re a big group of people, then I recommend the Water Taxi. In the Island, you can eat paella and fish at the restaurant. There’s also a resting place for visitors 🙂


Definitely, Isla de Lobos is an amazing and beautiful island, an essential destination for anyone who visits Fuerteventura. You have to see it! I think I have nothing else to say, I missed writing on the blog so much!! I’ll continue with the posts these days 😉 Kisses and see you on next post!

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