Comfy and cosy


Yesterday was Sunday and just like every Sunday of every week, my friend Elena and I went to Costa! I love that café, I’m addicted to their lemon tarta and I can’t live without eating it once a week anymore. We ended up taking some photos, I was really cold so I went for this, comfy and cosy!

picasion.com_4b1ef5636ff15bdd99229827a73b9885 picasion.com_5f43f3a4c39d42e2bdbe51a401f0b59b picasion.com_50b7df3a8907b1146617f5ad733f201a picasion.com_13988d378c300214bb2fe47c0b927551 picasion.com_bb417611584f1219b7ec5668a61414ff picasion.com_e0fd193b43f0c80411bc1cec8f9a801b picasion.com_e3fed8a93e92389b5df1cf3e694a4f96 picasion.com_ec86094a6b44216b9739db7e0f40a4ef picasion.com_f2591925db46ec89648e387f7b650213

As you can see the photos aren’t the best quality, to be honest. I was finishing some essays and works so we went out a bit late and the late was already going… I haven’t figured out which time is the best to go out yet, but I’m nearly there, don’t worry! hahaha Well, I haven’t got much left to say, so, see you on next post, have a nice week! Kissesssss

Sweater: Zara
Leggings: Zara
Shoes: New Balance


*All photos by Elena Pastor

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