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I don’t usually wear earrings, I never do to be honest. It might be for the fact that I always wore them when I was little and I got tired of wearing any kind of jewelry, I only wear my watch sometimes, whenever I remember to take it from my table. But when I was thinking of this outfit I came up with the idea of wearing something on my hear and not having it covering my face. I thought about how nice it would look if I wore earrings, little ones, and these Roselinde ones gave the final touch to my outfit. Classy, and sweet.

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I think the harmony in this look has a lot to do with the simplicity of the colours, which are very classic, and with the fact that everything goes around the same style. The shoes with a low heel, culotte pants, transparencies and dots, and all golden accessories. It looks as if everything is there because it has to go there, and the outfit wouldn’t look as good if any of the details was missing. The thing I liked the most about this were the Roselinde earrings which give the outfit a sweet look, and this clutch which was from my grandma, and which is the same colour as the pants. What do you think about this? Any comments? Kisses and see you on next post! Enjoy the weekend 😀

Pants: Mango
Top: Mango
Clutch: Lurueña
Earrings: Roselinde
Bracelet: Claire’s
Heels: Zara
Ring: Claire’s


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