CIY – Walnut cookies

No cookies? Make them!

Good morning! I was making cookies the other day and they were sooo good… I thought it was a pitty I was the only one who could try them; so as my brother asked me yesterday to make them again, I took advantage of it and took photos so you could try them also at home! I usually make them with almonds, but I’m eating lots of walnuts lately as I always have at home. Are you ready for the Cook It Yourself?

120 gr of butter
150 gr of sugar
350 gr of flour
2 eggs
50 gr of walnuts
½  yeast packet

First of all: I usually use the Thermomix to cook (I don’t use any special speed) so I’ve used it also to make the cookies, but you can perfectly make them without it, just with bowls and a beater.

1 – Grind the walnuts all you can until they’re almost dust. Pour them back to their bowl in order to continue working with the Thermomix.


2 – Mill the sugar until you get glas sugar. After, add the butter and mill the mix again.


3 – Add the grinded nuts and continue milling (I mil after adding each ingredient so it’s well mixed)

4 – Add the eggs, mill, add the flour, mill, add the yeast, mill, mill, mill… Leave it all milling for more or less 30 seconds. When you already have an homogeneous dough, put it all in another bowl and mix them with a bit more of flour, as you can see on the photo. Then wrap it up in plastic and leave it repose for about 15-20 minutes.

5 – Extend the dough with the roller, take out the shapes and… here comes the funniest part! (It’s the only step where all the family helps hahaha)


6 – Put all the cookies on oven plates and cook them at 180ºC for about 15 minutes. When they’re ready wait for them to cool down, take them off the plate, sprinkle them with glas sugar and… ready!

I used this cookie stamps I bought last month in Primark for my cookies, they are such fun!

 I’ll be so glad to know how yours taste! Kisses and till next post 🙂

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