Christmas presents for him

Christmas presents for him


Since I was little, my Christmas have always started the 1st December… which is casually today! And can you think of a better way of starting them than which a post on what to give… to him?

Here come the three wise men!! And with them, presents, which as every year, make us go mad… presents for boyfriends and friends are always the most complicated to find. So to make it a bit easier for you, I’ve asked some of my friends what would they like to receive for Christmas… and here we have some ideas!

When I give a present to a boy I like it to be useful for both of us… I love boys with good perfumes so I always choose to give them a good one. It’s difficult to find one as every boy has different likesand they aren’t keen on divesting their everyday scent, so every time I have to buy one I ask myself: how does my boy smell? And I look for very similar fragances, so even though it’s a different fragance, it still smells to him.

It looks as if not, but boys are really posh in their look, at least my ones. Almost all of my friends agreed in this: the first option is always a pair of sneakers. Jackets, shirts, hoodies… I like it when they wear a hoodie I’ve given them, and when it’s cold and he lets you borrow it… then you take advantage of it too! Hahaha

Watches and wallets, which are always practical (try not to buy it in bad-quality stores, cheap things usually become expensive! We want him to keep something that’ll last, so it’s better if it doesn’t break immediately).

There are lots of activities, concerts and festivals you can go to, and if you know he loves them, then why don’t you buy him some tickets? After all, they’re things he likes and he can enjoy. Also allied to what he likes, you can buy him stuff of the sport hi practises, for example: if your friend or boyfriend is surfer, he’d like a lycra, and if he plays basket, a basket t-shirt, basketball, etc.

And last but not least, before being girls or boys we are all human and we all love sweets and chocolates. So whatever you buy him, don’t forget to add some chocolate to the present! Sweeeeeet Christmas!! Hahaha I hope this helped you, see you on next post!

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