Christmas makeup idea #2

Christmas makeup idea #2


I told you there would be more, and here I am again! Marci Aliaga and I have recorded a new make up diy video at Farmacia Violán, this time a bit more “groundbreaking”, wearing red lips! Cause I hate wearing red lips, right??? hahaha Marci has been doing my make up since I started going out to parties and she had never painted my lips in red, we were both very excited… hahaha Again, you can see all the products we used down here, below the video 🙂 Hope you like it!

In this order:

•Make up removal and tonic from Dauphin

•Darphin Serum Skin Mate

•Pre foundation from Herborian

•Eyelid lightener from Darphin

•Green and beige La Roche concealers

•ORGANIQS foundation (another make up with ORGANIQS here)

•ORGANIQS make up powders

•La Roche black pencil eyeliner

•ORGANIQS eyeshadows

•La Roche Volume mascara

•ORGANIQS blusher

•La Roche lip liner

•La Roche nº 198 lipstick

•ORGANIQS compact powders

•ORGANIQS brushes


Any comments? This is the make up I wore on Christmas eve… hope you like it! Kisses and see you on next post 🙂


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