Christmas makeup idea #1


Hello mellow friends! How are you? I haven’t stopped for the last two weeks, I’ve hardly checked my blog and all I’ve seen is my instagram… And although this breaks my heart, I’m pretty sure this won’t change for a few weeks. At least it’s for a good cause! I’m finally at home, enjoying the sun and leaving my skin a few tones darker… and filming! I filmed a make up tutorial today with Marci Aliaga.

There isn’t any sound apart from the music on the video, and it goes really, really fast. A picture is worth a thousand words, and rather than taking an hour to explain step by step what’s happening on my face, I’ve prefered to leave free interpretation, obviously, explaning it below 🙂

From first to last:

•Hidrasking Ideal Resource moisturizer from La Roche.

•Dermablend eye bag corrector from Vichy.

•16 hours make up foundation from Vichy.

•Black, silver, gray and pink La Roche eyeshadows.

•Black eyeliner from La Roche.

•La Roche Lipstick.

•La Roce blusher.

•La Roche black mascara.



These things can also be changed for other brands’ things, therefore I haven’t stopped to talk about all the properties of each product, as you can always use other ones. I’m very careful with my skin and I try to use pharmacy products as much as I can, but it doesn’t always have to be like that, I love Dior lipstick and Naked eyeshadows 😉 I hope this video has been useful this Christmas or at least, inspiring! Have a lovely Christmas, I hope you have an awesome night tomorrow! Lots of kisses and see you on next post!


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