Butterfly heels


Hiiii hi!! How are you? I’m sorry for not publishing these days but I’ve been at my dear Playa La Arena and that means total disconnection 😉 Here you have an outfit I wore at Lanzarote.
picasion.com_dffe577522a5d10f6ed1a1106a7e2c64 picasion.com_919b8709400fd01b8fb3a3d47bc9ae40 picasion.com_83043f09d0713e98522ad102da290113 picasion.com_b93542196b0aac453009493f4444e482 picasion.com_c63aef848b9ca867da114f39dab8b72c picasion.com_4b54b077ca61cff193f8f79d05030e2c picasion.com_f1993570a69115c173ecfb1ff0b38da1

I love these heels, I bought them sometime ago, as well as the dress, and I found them super original! Do you like it? Kisses and see you on next post! 😀

Dress: Zara
Clutch: Parfois
Heels: CHOIES 


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