Burberry style cape

Burberry style cape

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Most of you will recognize this Burberry cape which has been worn by model icons such as Olivia Palermo or Cara Delevingne… and because of its price you haven’t bought! So I after seeing it in Mulaya couldn’t avoid buying it. It doesn’t have my initials but totally takes the hit! This is my look for the first day in Madrid, where I had a fantastic snack with Priscila from the blog MyShowroom. This week you’ll be able to see the post in her blog. I used it for the flight from Tenerife to Madrid so I wanted to be comfortable, so I choose to wear boots, denims and a basic white shirt… a clase! I hope you like it.

Cape: Mulaya
Jeans: Stradivarius
Boots: Mustang
Scarf: Salvador Bachiller
Bag: Axel
Top: Zara
Watch: Lambretta


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