Bowling at Marina Rubicón

Bowling at Marina Rubicón


Helloooo good morning! How was your week? You all know I didn’t stop at any moment on my last trip, either bikes (which you saw in the last post), pool, islets… Well, one of the things that we did was bowling. I must admit that I have played several times, on every trip I make to Europe we spend an evening playing, but I’m pretty bad. At Marina Rubicon in Lanzarote, I lost the first game (even though I was the only one who had ever played hahaha), until I found out how to throw the ball right ;)! Then they were all strikes and spares;) I personally found Marina Rubicón a great place to stay at, right next to the hotel Princesa Yaiza and with an access to basically everything, plus it was a lovely place. And one of the things you can not miss if you visit it is the bowling alley. You can rent a street for up to 4 people for one or two hours, or pay for each player… next door is a bar and a karaoke and you can eat and drink in the same bowling alley. Prices are very good, you can buy socks… they’ve thought of everything! So if you go, don’t miss it! 🙂


Kisses and see you on next post, for more info about Marina Rubicón’s bowling, clic here 😀


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