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Hello and good morning!! I wore this tunic on one of the first videos I uploaded to my YouTube channel and yes, I’ve worn it since then and quite a few times to be honest, but I hadn’t taken any photos with it until now. One of those days we spent in Cádiz was the perfect occasion. I think it’s a very sort of “summery” garment, comfortable, with an Ibizan look and you can wear it either during the day, or for one of those lovely summer nights…

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I usually wear this tunic with my Calvin Klein big brown bag which I’ve shown quite a few times here, but for this day, I actually felt more like wearing my straw bag from Mallorca. The outfit looked good with both of them, so you can wear it with whatever you prefer 🙂 Any comments? Kisses and see you tomorrow with this week’s last post! We’re going shopping, guess what…? Skirts!

Bag: Mercat Dl’Olivar, Mallorca
Heel: XTI via FundGrube
Sunglasses: Max Mara


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