Blue marine and nude

Blue marine and nude


Heheyyyyy!! My voice is a bit better today so I’m praying to be able to publish the video tomorrow! Meanwhile, here you have another outfit with the same culotte pants as yesterday, but a little bit different 😉

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As I’ve already said before, I’m in love with these shoes, these pants, these sunglasses, this bag… I just can’t help it haha I just said that I’m wearing the same pants as in yesterday’s post today, but in a different way. Formal culotte pants with a T-Shrit… why not? I think it has a lighthearted touch and although I don’t usually wear this nude + blue marine combination, I actually like it a lot. Plus, it’s a nice and fresh outfit you can wear, in my opinion, either for the day or for the night. What about you? What do you think about this? Lots of kisses and see you tomorrow (finally) with this week’s video!!

Pants: Hoss Intropia via ANTHEA
Heels: JustFab
Sunglasses: Max Mara
Bag: Tommy Hilfiger via Fund Grube


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