Blue by the Guadalquivir

Blue by the Guadalquivir


We only spent two days in Seville, but I fell in love with every single one of its corners, every single one. It’s incredible how I could have such appreciation for this city even before visiting it. I loved its people without even knowing them yet, I loved its food, its accent, its streets, its music (this was my favourite), its light… Now, after visiting it and getting to know as much as I could during the short stay this summer, I can say I love Seville even more, if that’s even possible.

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I really enjoyed this excursion across the River Guadalquivir. It wasn’t that hot during the night so I kind of took the challenge of wearing a long skirt. I’m absolutely in love with long skirts or dresses during summer and I can’t help buying them every time I see them! haha I also wore my Furla bag which has come with me everywhere this summer, mini bags are every summer’s best friend. I hope you like this post as much as I do! Kisses and see you tomorrow xx

Top: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Bag: Furla
Bracelets: Natura
Shoes: Oysho


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