Black over the knee boots: your definite closet gr...

Black over the knee boots: your definite closet ground

Over the knee boots, I think I wanna marry you! hahaha I can definitely say for sure these are the pair of shoes I’ve had the most trouble finding… and the most time. It’s been like running a gymkhana!

But well, finally, and I really wanna highlight this FINALLY, I was able to buy a pair I loved this sale; and, to be honest, I thought this would be a wonderful topic to start today’s post. Because I like making your lives easier, and because of that… Today I’m going to show you how to wear black over the knee boots, where to find them, and, on top of this, I’m also going to show you loads of different ones from which to choose!

The ones I’m wearing which you also saw here, particularly, are from this Christmas’ sale, from Zara. I suppose the taste for these boots depends on what you’re looking for and for what exactly… And I guess the type I wanted was impossible to find; I spent years looking for them and there was no way I could find them. Until now 🙂

Just over the knee, with a low heel, suede effect and tight, but not too much.  The hardest one to find (at a decent price), yes. And why was I so obsessed with finding these boots? Well, in a moment I’m going to write out lots of reasons why this shoe  be part of your closet ground, definitely!

  • You can wear them with anything, they combine with anything and they are the best alternative to flats whenever you’re wearing a short dress.
  • The cover you from the cold, and no need to wear tights!
  • You can wear super cosy socks underneath as you can’t see them.
  • You can wear them both during the day and in the night, for both casual or formal looks, or even for going out.
  • They are very comfortable and they make your legs look amazing. 
  • As they’re black, they’re very versatile and they barely get dirty.
  • They’re the perfect accessory for red lips.


I should have convinced you by now, but just in case, here you have some ideas of how to wear them! First of all, with a skirt, which always gives use a bit mores freedom when choosing the top part of our outfit. I like the three outfits, they’re all a bit different. The first one, with a gray sweater and a mini bag. Second look, an open beige sweater, fishnet tights and a slightly bigger bag… and red lips!! I’ve also really liked the contrast of the vest and the rest of the outfit on the third now. It looks classy on the back and a little bit more daring on the front.

But no doubt, the combination I like the most from all the ways in which you can wear these boots, is with a mini dress. I love the contrast you get, depending on what you wear it with obviously… but yes. On these three outfits you see down here, I think the first one is spectacular. I think the boots make the dress look totally different and it gives the whole outfit a really modern look. The second one is a bit more casual, but I’m in love with these sort of cardigans and I fine the way in which she has combined everything together, just perfect. I don’t have much to say about the last one as I personally don’t think I’d wear it; although of course, you have to see yourself in that model’s body too! hahaha But I don’t dislike it and it’s another idea that will be perfect for you 😉

And once I’ve convinced you, let’s head to the real best part of all pf my posts; the part where I show you lots of ítems, where to buy them and then we all go crazy about all the different lovely bits I find on the internet! 😀 So come on, let’s get on with the black over the knee boots!

With heel, no heel, laces, without them, loose, tight, expensive or cheap… 27 models of over the knee boots from which you can choose… and I hope you do!


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