Black, black, black and white

Black, black, black and white


The weather here is unpredictable. In September I was freezing every morning, we even got to 1ºC… It was raining last week and this week it’s almost 20ºC! There are things I just can’t understand. I wanted to take some photos with this outfit since I got here, and Monday after school was the best moment 🙂

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The photos are, in fact, outside school hahaha. The outfit is a classic black and white (more black than white), and I love it. Also, it was cold outside so I thought this scarf suited perfectly. Do you like it? I hope you have a wonderful weekend, I’m ice skating tomorrow!!!! I’ll tell you next week how many times I fall… hahahaha Kisses and see you on next post!

Scarf: Zara
Shorts: Zara
Sweater: Zara
Bag: Parfois
Boots: H&M


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