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I’m a very sleepy person, by nature, since I was born. If you add to this that I’m Spanish and I just live siestas, then… hahaha This morning I woke up at 12, not surprising any english person anymore, as they’ve got used to this hahaha. I had breakfast and I came back to bed, what a lovely Sunday! Just like all my Sundays 😀 hahaha I felt curiosity of what would happen if I slept this much… and all I found were good news! Lets go 😉

First of all, according to the University of Madrid, those who go to sleep later and get up later, obtain higher punctuations on reasoning tests. More reasonable people.

On the London School of Economics and Political Sciences they discovered that those who had higher IQs had more nighr life, whilst those with a lower IQ went to bed earlier and woke up earlier.

In Milán, they found out that people who slept more were more creative. According to the study leader, this creativity is generated from a non conventional spirit and the capacity of finding general solutions and alternatives.

It’s all about what you do with the time you have. People who go to bed and wake up earlier are more productive during the day, but those who go to bed later and wake up later take advantage of that time in the night to start creating. The best ideas always come just before sleeping!

Also, us, sleepy ones, are in a better mood during the day. According to investigators in Westminster, those who wake up earlier have higher levels of cortisol, the principal stress hormone in the body. And those early birds also experiment muscle pain, coughs, headaches and a worst mood.


Then we have the siestas, or naps 🙂

Doctor Sara Mendick says that siestas are a better technique than caffeine. It improves your memory and your learning capacity. Also, another medical fact: People who sleep a nap at least 3 times a week have 37% less possibilities of dying from heart attacks than those who don’t take naps.

And how much should we sleep? I didn’t know either there was an amount of time for this, but yes, there is:

10-20 minutes: It helps you get energy and keep you on alert.

30 minutes: It can make you dizzy, you’ll notice benefits in about another 30 minutes.

60 minutes: It also makes you go dizzy, but you’ll see your memory increases a lot.

90 minutes: In this time you can even dream. This siesta improves your creativity and memory. It will be easier to wake up without feeling dizzy.

Well, and until here today’s post! It’s been a bit different to what we usually see but I’ve definitely enjoyed writing it, now I have more reasons to sleep! Thank you UPSOCL for the info hahaha See you on next post, and remember, SLEEP! Kisses and have a lovely week 🙂


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