Back home for Christmas!

Back home for Christmas!


I couldn’t be any happier right now! I arrived back home this week just in time for Christmas, I’ve been seeing my friends and spending lots of time with my family and this is absolutely amazing (I’m even getting a tan… hahaha)! It feels so nice not having to carry all those coats and scarves every day, you can’t even imagine how much I missed this warm weather… and how much I missed taking photos for my blog, thank god I have my computer back at home! This was getting insane 🙁 Are you ready for the rest of the post? 😉

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Today’s look is casual, basically like everything I wear… hahaha and a bit monochromatic too. I don’t know where my top is from, I guess it’s from Zara haha, just found it inside my wardrobe and wore it! I’m “posing” with Chelo today, since I arrived home I can’t come out with either her or Carmela, I missed them so much 🙂 And the weather is so nice there’s no need to wear a coat! I just love my Canary climate 😀 do you like the outfit? Any comments? have a lovely Christmas and see you on the next post!! xx

Top: Zara
Boots: JustFab
Watch: Guess
Bag: Guess
Jeans: Zara


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