Axel maxi clutch

Axel maxi clutch

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So here we have the outfit I wore for the Fashion Day Tenerife. Comfortable, simple, comfortable, chic, comfortable… Yes, mostly comfortable! It was predicted it would rain (and it did) so my water boots went perfect for the occasion, and as it was also cold… the scarf also did! It combined with the bag (I bought them together) and I just loved it. The shirt is a basic Zara shirt but I liked the sleeves, they’re feminine. I won’t extend too much, you’ll be able to see all the Fashion Day’s photos on next post, keep it up! Kisses and till next post!

Boots: Zara
Shirt: Zara
Jacket: Anthea
Clutch: Axel
Scarf: Axel
Jeans: Stradivarius
Accessories: Claire’s


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