Autumn-Winter 2014/15 trends: clothes

Autumn-Winter 2014/15 trends: clothes

Hi girls, here we come with the same story again! We start the season and the first thing we all want to know is, what will be the trendy? We keep things and we bring new things, or… not so new?

Red will be the main character in coats, dresses, skirts… (mainly in lips) and even in shoes. Although it isn’t a secret that red is always trendy. Carolina Herrera, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada in between others have already joined this trend and red has already filled their Autumn/Winter collections.

One of the things we will rescue from the summer is the sporty look. Maybe a bit at the edge of this trend, Dior has shown us this shoes which, sincerily, I needed to show to you. I have seen the reaction of my friends when I showed them and we all say the same… What’s your opinion? Others like DKNY and Chanel have shown again the formal clothes with sneakers, the sporty look which we will all wear.

ChanelZara + DIY

Long coats, but I’m not talking about those which are like “I don’t want to dirty it when I sit down”, I mean those which are “I walk and I dirty it, they never last me”. XXXXXL coats which you will be able to find in any shop and although in an island like mine they aren’t very useful (neither to take it to Teide) as it isn’t cold, in places like Madrid or Barcelona will be veeery useful.


The midi skirt was already seen in the spring/summer collection and here we have it again. For those who are used to long and short skirts, this midi will be a bit of a surprise (myself included) but well, I have already seen a few and they are totally suitable which any thing you have in your closet! I vote yes to midi skirts.

For those who feel themselves overwhelmed with necks… Large, thick and with long neck jerseys come to your shops. Blogger gets overwhelmed with her jersey, soon on the best cinemas hahaha I suppose this would probably help me feel cosy in Teide, as long as it’s sonwing and there’s -20ºC!


Total White, I love this one. Combining your skirt, shirt, pants, shoes, bag, dress… and however you comine them, all of them are white. I feel like a snowy princess (or when I don’t like it, like a yeti) but I really like this combination. I don’t think it’s necessary tfor me tos ay which color I would paint my lips on… hahahahaha


I will only talkabout this firts trends as they’re the ones I believe will be the most worn, maybe there’ll be another post if I notice a few more! Kisses and I hope it helps you 🙂


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