Artíes – Story village

Artíes – Story village


This year, or well, last year my family and I spent new year’s eve in a different way… In the middle of nowhere hahaha It was in a village in Vielha, Huesca called Vinyal. I don’t think you’ll find it in maps, there were only 4 houses  😛 We started 2015 the 4 of us together and drove to Artíes the next day.

picasion.com_4ee0e9715429e163fc48eb940915cfa6 picasion.com_6a31e3232bd9c6b9f347c846b5821eab picasion.com_7c5c2bad9bef6565fdfccc6d0dd13524 picasion.com_8a688525a68cacb4d8aa3eca947eed46 picasion.com_9bc73a56022755316502c52b1b58cba7

We ended up staying for the night, fulfilled dream, everything went just perfect 🙂 It had snowed the day before and for us, who come from the Canary Islands, it was amazing. All the houses were “Hansel & Gretel” type, just like in stories and beautiful, the typical lovely cottage in a story village 😳 It was such a nice experience I’m sure if you visited Artíes, you’d like to repeat 😆

picasion.com_9d325952a8d713a1d7e0a61e76ca3f13 picasion.com_92f4dd750691f7558592eabf732480d1 picasion.com_5902237bc44f180bdfbf67a07eaa1587 picasion.com_a87a962286eb490544a45c30475604ed picasion.com_ac99dbf2be5910323dd6ba0b05d4bc98 picasion.com_c5b94d2a418f11de4a3946d392f91b19 picasion.com_c374271cf7ae13aa6ac47c64bda3685a picasion.com_d266397e93305d3eed4d9e83cd4409b5

Remember this photo and this other one on my Instagram? They were here! Kisses from New York and see you on next post!

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