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I’m the first one who wanted this to not only be a fashion blog, but a bit of everything, and I have always written about everything, not only fashion. Cause from my point of view, the world sin’t only fashion, neither beauty, inspos or what I should where when; a woman isn’t only fashion, she’s a little bit of everything. And that’s what my blog has been from the beginning, a little bit of everything.

I’ve always loved writing. I’m a not a book fanatic, I barely read any books, but I love reading. How can that be? Texts. Poetry, all those things that inspire you and with which you feel identified, all those verses that change your point of view after reading them. All that lovely writing, the good writing, the one that tells you to wake up… All those words that make you lose yours when joint.

And apart from from reading, I also write. I don’t know if that’s what you think of me when you see me, but well, yes, I like it. I’m that kind of person (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) that writes absolutelu everything. How I feel, what I think, everything. I have a bible on my phone’s notes, more than two thousand texts and quotes. Yes, everything means EVERYTHING. And apart from writing, every time I like something, I save it. I’m oficially the mood-tagger and quote-finder in my friends’ group… hahaha

So I’ve decided that well, a personal blog… that’s what it is, isn’t it? Personal, personality, person… And is there any better way than joining it all? We’ve already seen outfits, make ups, recipes, guides, tutorials… It’s time to start with inspiration, texts and all those things you randomly find on Facebook and you feel the necesity to share, because everybody needs to read it.

Today I’m inaugurating this new section on my blog, socialiterature, with an adaption of a text I can never stop thinking about, and I want to share with you. Airplanes, from Marwan.


They said that was flying. We met each other by chance, just to try a new airline and the curiosity of a shared laughter. On land we passed the boarding gate and didn’t realize takeoff. We were traveling at cruising speed in a sky of white sheets called clouds. We let the passion turn on the autopilot and poured our hands in other battles. The flight was beautiful, finally a flight companion. Much worse the landing. We ignored the rules on failure and without a life jacket we drowned in a sea of doubts. There came a time when we traveled to 600 misunderstandings per hour. They won’t need to search for the black box in the fuselage to know the reasons of our failure. I guess it was right, that song that said a man and a woman are like paper airplanes: flying for a while but they have to fall in the end. But there are always more airports, you can always make an emergency landing in another present, in other eyes… Now that I’ve got you in front of me I wonder if by some chance you would accept to be my co-pilot. I promise we’ll fly. We’ll negotiate another day the landing.


Also, as you may know, I’m studying in the UK, I don’t have many subjects but I’ve taken graphic design. I’ve recently started illustrating, I have to say I’m obsessed… hahaha I’ll be uploading them here, but until then, here you have the one I’ve chosen for this text 🙂 Kisses and see you on next post! xx


I'm impatient, lazy and sleepy head. I love changing, routine makes me go mad and I have a fast and crazy lifestyle. I don't know where I'll be tomorrow, just follow me, I promise it will be fun!


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